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Looking for your next Big Island Shamanic Journey or Ritual Session?

Mayan Floral Baths

Why ask Shola Ricco for your next Big Island Journey or Ritual Session?

The Big Island is called the Healing Island, light knowledge, wisdom, memories, await here for you. Your connection with the Source, the Elements, your body your temple will be reborn~rejuvenated~renew.

Shola Ricco has been a Shamanic Facilitator leading events at Kalani  since 2004 and at the Italian Center Soleluna since 1994. She is also a trained Facilitator in giving Mayan Spiritual Baths, trained in Belize by Rosita Arvigo, a well-known Mayan Healer.  

She is passionate about creating group and 1 on 1 healing sessions and Shamanic journeys for Big Island Spiritual Seekers in the following ways:

Soul Hunting – is a journey into the depth of ourselves with the ultimate purpose of returning to a whole and complete integrity. Throughout life we are presented with situations in which we confront power. Many times these experiences are so overwhelming that we surrender pieces of our soul as a way to survive the encounter. This experience  can be done as group sessions or individual journeys.

Mayan Spiritual Baths (also called floral baths) – Shola has created many sacred bath rituals for travelers to the Big Island. She has studied with Rosita Arvigo, a Mayan healer known around the world. The experience is in a natural setting. Spiritual Bathing is a centuries old art of moving the elements of your body to reconnect you with the energy between Heaven and Mother Earth. It is a way to rid the body of a spiritual disease, unblock stagnant energy, increase awareness or clarity and remove obstacles that block the paths in one’s life. Spiritual Bathing re~balances your electro~magnetic  energy field and restores your soul force. It can wash away negativity, anger, fear, anxiety, traumas and stress. This bath is lovingly prepared for you by combining water, plants, prayer and incense so the Maya healer is able to work with the body’s “ch’ulel” or life force energy. You will experience a new revitalized and cleansed energy.” This experience is available for: couple~women group~men group~kids, families.
few testimonials:
My herbal bath with Shola was beautiful beyond description…yet I will try to put it into words. I felt very very nurtured, infused with beneficence as she evoked the healing blessings of the plants of Mother Earth. I felt spiritually inspired to renew and refresh my sense of simply being… in truth, trust, awareness in each moment. I felt enveloped in the love that moved through Shola’s big heart from all of creation. The herb and flowered healing waters washed over me powerfully and gently calling me inward to a place of peaceful origins.
E ho mai  (let it come, let it flow) ~  Chris ~ Big Island

Trance Dance – is an inner journey with music, healing sounds and breathwork. Many have reported that they experienced great insights and knowledge of themselves. The dance is done with a blindfold or a bandana. This  event can be done as group sessions or individual journeys.

Active Meditation – facilitating Osho’s Meditation since 1999 and at Kalani since 2004.
“Meditation is an adventure, an adventure into the unknown, the greatest adventure the human mind can take.” ~Osho~         
Osho’s meditation techniques are used by millions of people worldwide to reduce stress, increase creativity and personal power and find peace of mind, inner calm and stillness. You will experience some of these active techniques that involve sound, breathing, movement, dance and stillness (Chakra breathing, Chakra sounds, Nataraj, No Dimensions, Kundalini, Nadabrahma, No mind). They are suitable for all ages, temperaments and levels of health and spiritual growth. They are simple to learn and once learned you can use them for the rest of your life. You will taste the fullness of peace that will be with you forever.
~ 2 hours or half or one day ~ one on one or groups

Painting: The Birth of Creativity – This day/course is about getting a taste of your creative energy and expressing it on paper with colors in the magic space of meditation. True art has nothing to do with technique, but with returning to a sparkling innocence inside. You will experience  Osho’s meditation techniques. You will dance, breath  and sit silently  finding the precious space within, and out of this space painting is pure joy. You will touch your creative life force, your authenticity and the healthy inner child in you that has no conditionings, opening new worlds.The best way to let the “I” disappear is through creativity and play. Become absorbed in the process of creation and you are no longer there, not as an ego. You become attuned with nature. Perfection takes you and you disappear. Come  to let the innocent and healthy child living inside you to play fully. Dedicated to the asleep artist that lives in  each of us. ~ One on one or groups ~

Heartistic Hawaiian Flower Arrangements – Nature has made Hawaiian flowers  and plants absolutely beautiful. I invite you to bring this beauty, the wisdom, and your wishes  and intention  into your special events, occasions, cleansings, purifications,  weddings, celebrations’s arrangements.When you make an order you will describe  your wishes and intentions for the event  and  according your information I will make the arrangement for you.
Share the feeling of aloha and the amazing and healing energy of Hawaiian flowers with the ones~occasions  you care for. Flowers sizes and colors may vary according to seasonal availability.

Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian healing ceremony that invites practitioners to clear blocked energy, trauma, and wounds thus converting negative energy into positive energy, love and deepened connection.  2 hours one on one ~ 3 hours for groups

Shola has devoted the last 25 years of her life to self-discovery and the evolution of her soul including study and sacred pilgrimages with healers in Peru, Belize, Mexico, India, Africa, Italy and Hawaii. She studied at the Natale Institute in Turin-Italy, a worldwide network of education and training programs for the body~mind~spirit. She is a graduate of Nine Gates Mystery School (CA) ~ Dr. Gay Luce ~. She has been living in Hawaii since 2003, her new home, aloHa!

Have a Big Island journey that leads to light, knowledge, wisdom, memories, in your body, your Temple. … from it begins your TRAVEL.

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