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The Hawaiian Islandsmap_of_hawaii
With over 2,000 miles from the nearest landfall, Hawaii is the most remote island chain in the world. Hawaii consists of eight major islands plus 124 minor islands, reefs and shoals, strung across the Pacific for over 1,500 miles. The eight major islands are Oahu, Maui, Hawaii (known as “the Big Island”), Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe (uninhabited) and Niihau (privately owned).

Each of the major islands has a personality all its own.
Hawaii continues to be shaped by the capricious forces of fire, magma, rains, and winds. About 30 miles southwest of the active volcano Kilauea on the Big Island of Hawaii, the newest island in the chain, Loihi, is forming – the newest land on earth.

Hawaii Island – “The Big Island”
Puna_CoastWe have many names for our island. Some call it the “Orchid Isle”, due to the 100,000 plus species of orchids grown here .It’s the word’s largest producer. Some call it the “Volcano Island”, since we are sitting on an active and often very spectacular volcano. “Big Island”, however, is the name of this magical place. This island is a work in progress. Sitting above a “hot spot” in the earth’s mantle, the island continues to grow and change form as conduits from tectonic pressures deep in the ocean feed its waiting volcanoes. Geologically, the Big Island is one of the youngest places on earth. Everywhere there is the uncommon beauty spawned by the magma plumbing system that feeds and shapes the island. There are two distinct population centers: Hilo, on the wet, tropical east side, and Kailua-Kona, on the sunny, dry soutwest side.

The Big Island is a land of myths and legends. According to Hawaiianlava_heart legends, Hawaii’s Big Island is the home of Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire. For many years Pele shaped and formed her new abode, using red-hot lava to create her unique fortress. Early Hawaiians respected and honored Pele, and made offerings to please her or placate her wrath. Today Hawaii Volcanoes National Park was created to preserve the region’s unique volcanic features, its early human history and the plant and animal life that is part of this special bioregion.

 The Healing Island

rainbowHere, amidst the incredible beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, healing and personal transformation seem to be accelerated. The Big Island of Hawaii has long been known as the healing island. The spirit of Pele, the goddess of the volcano, has a way of cutting through blockages and bringing to light our innermost yearnings. Whatever one wishes for often manifests very quickly here.

Over 1200 years ago, the Polynesians traveled thousands of miles over open sea to find Hawai’i. Legend suggests that what drew these people across the ocean was the vision of paradise in the North Pacific. Their knowledge drew them to a place in which the spirit of lokahi (harmony of mind, body and spirit) encourages peace and restoration, while the volcanic power fuels possibilities for creative synthesis. Today people journey from around the world to experience the rejuvenating energy of the island. We invite you to join us on your own healing  and transformational journey.




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