May 5, 2017~Active Meditation a Way to Refocus Your Life with Shola Ricco

Meditation is a beautiful way to stay grounded and achieve the skills needed to live in the now. It also has a positive effect on your health, sleep, longevity, creativity and happiness. Meditating in a group and sharing the silence creates connections and cultivates community.
Active Meditationis a style that advocates movement followed by silence. Taking the time to go inward and explore, the goal of this workshop is to achieve a taste of your inner sky, your inner silence. By combining sound, breath, movement, dance and stillness. Active Meditation helps you to stay grounded, reduce stress and increase creativity and personal power.
No experience is necessary and all ages are welcome on this joyful to find peace of mind, inner calm and stillness.
Reservations: call Tony @ 808-9650468 ext. 108 or

Friday, May 5,    from 1 to 4 pm @ Kalani

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